Books and Publications

Men, Women, Passion & Power: Gender Issues in Psychotherapy (M. Maguire, Routledge 1995). A considerably revised 2nd edition of this book was published in 2004 with an extended discussion of class & cross-cultural issues.

Reviews: Making detailed use of case material, in Men, Women, Passion and Power Marie Maguire sensitively examines contemporary psychoanalytic debates about sexuality from a feminist perspective. Looking at topics such as ‘false memories’ of sexual abuse, homosexuality, pornography and bulimia, she shows how current psychoanalytic thinking is trammelled by sexist, homophobic and culturally-biased assumptions. She concludes that only when feminist insights about gender power relations have been truly integrated will the psychoanalytic project realise its full radical potential.

‘This book provides a most moving testimony to the often ignored session-to-session movement in patients’ gendered experience of themselves . . . Marie Maguire eloquently conveys the complexity involved in current therapy debates . . . a most readable and timely book.’ Janet Sayers

‘It is rare to encounter a book with such an accomplished integration of theory and practice in such a complex and important area.’ Stephen Frosh

Psychotherapy with Women: Feminist Perspectives (Lawrence & Maguire, Macmillan 1997)

Living with the Sphinx (Ernst & Maguire, The Women’s Press, 1987)